Ep. 9: Stretchologist Jeff Brannigan

In this episode we dive into stretching.


Stretching is important because a loose muscle is a productive muscle

I sat down with Jeff Brannigan, the head stretchologist at Stretch Science. Jeff has a passion for enabling people to do what they love by staying injury free and empowering them to maintain their health in the future. His experience as a D1 runner and musculoskeletal therapist has instilled in him a unique approach to structure and function of the body. 

Jeff's stretching styles to avoid::

  • lean into
  • bounce
  • hold for too long

He says if you do any of the things listed above when you stretch you should probably avoid it. To find out how he recommends to stretch properly check out the episode.

Let Jeff know you enjoyed the interview and connect with him at jeff@stretchscience.com.

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Show Notes and Selected Links:

  • http://www.strengthsensei.com/discipline-myth/
  • RESET Studio
  • Jeff's Personal Site
  • Jeff tells me about his background (7:17)
  • Benefits of musculoskeletal therapy (9:58)
  • How to properly stretch the hamstrings (13:14)
  • Jeff explains what makes him different from other practitioners (14:45)
  • The origin story of Stretch Science (15:33)
  • Mobility WOD
  • How you can incorporate stretching into your daily life (17:22)
  • What would a good warmup consist of if you were going to run a 5k (18:50)
  • Why is it good to stretch (20:45)
  • What type of stretching should you avoid (21:40)
  • How long does it take to make a mobility change (23:10)
  • His advice to people looking to make an improvement in their mobility (25:09)
  • The types of clients Jeff works with (27:53)
  • Jeff's 3 wishes (29:26)