Ep. 11: Real Food with Dana Monsees

Dana is an integrative health coach, nutrition blogger and instagrammer, and grad student to become a Certified Nutrition Specialist.

Her nutrition philosophy is to eat real foods first and figure out what works best for you. She encourages you to not be so dogmatic in your approach that you don't give other possible solutions a try. It was through her own self-experimentation in conjunction with seeking out experts where she was able to begin her journey to heal herself.

In addition to talking about her background, influences and obviously food, we talk a lot about habit change. When she was able to shift her mindset from an all or nothing attitude to an always something approach she was able to make the biggest breakthroughs in her health and fitness.

If you're interested in working with her drop her a line at realfoodwithdana@gmail.com

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Show Notes and Selected Links:

  • How food became an important part of her life (2:36)
  • Tells her story of how she found out she had celiac disease (4:35)
  • When she first learned about the paleo diet (8:18)
  • We talk about why diets are such a touchy subject (10:52)
  • She tells me how she's been able to make some of the changes she's made (12:56)
  • First habits she tells clients to work on (14:04) 
  • Biggest mistakes or myths you see people make when trying to make a lifestyle change (17:27)
  • Favorite restaurants in DC (22:29)
  • She explains how she's different as a health coach (24:00)
  • Biggest influences (26:06)
  • Recommendations for someone wanting to start cooking (27:17)
  • Her daily habits/non-negotiables (28:48)
  • Why she decided to join Instagram and when she first started to notice traction (31:38)
  • Direction she wants to go in the future (33:46)
  • Most worthwhile Investment (35:44)
  • Favorite Movies (36:19)
  • What she's changed her mind about in the last few years (36:52)
  • How she was able to shift her mindset (40:10)
  • Her 3 wishes (43:55)