Ep. 12: Chris Merritt on Mastering the Fundamentals

I was pretty fired up on my drive back to DC from Dulles, VA after my conversation with Chris. His passion for learning, constantly improving and helping others inspired me to want to become a better coach.

As the co-founder of his gym Beyond Strength Performance and his coaching platform Strength Faction (his business partner Todd Bumgardner was on episode 8 of the podcast), he has a lot of experience helping health and fitness professionals practice and develop their coaching skills. 

He shares tons of information and my reading list expanded by quite a bit too. The biggest lesson for me was when he shared the story of when he just started the gym and didn't have any clients. He explained that even though he was struggling in those early days he just kept on showing up and found ways to work on the business and his coaching skills.

If you're interested in working with Chris or want to check out the gym drop him a line at chris@beyondstrengthperformance.com

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Highlights from the episode:

  • How Chris got his start in the fitness industry
  • The story of how Chris and Todd met, and how the partnership came to be
  • How Strength Faction programming works
  • Chris shares his thoughts on fitness technology
  • His biggest takeaways going through Precision Nutrition
  • What it means to be a Pro
  • How he overcame struggles when first starting his business
  • His habits and non-negotiables
  • Most valuable investment
  • 3 Wishes

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