Ep. 14: The Vegetable and The Butcher a.k.a Ariane Valle and Turner Hoff

Vegetable and Butcher is a subscription-based service that delivers chef designed, dietician approved thoughtfully prepared meals directly to your doorstep. I first met Turner a few months after he and Ariane started V+B and they were only making deliveries in a couple of zip codes in DC. Only a handful of months later and they now deliver to 19 zip codes in DC and to the Pentagon City area. 

I was super curious to learn about the backstory behind V+B and what it's been like getting a business up and running especially in a competitive industry with not a lot of prior experience.   

Let Turner, Ariane and I know you enjoyed the episode and to order V+B go to:

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Highlights from the Episode:

  • The story of Turner and Ariane met
  • The backstory behind V+B
  • How V+B works
  • Why Ariane became a Vegan
  • Ariane and Turners Biz background
  • The process they went through to start V+B
  • What it means to be an entrepreneur
  • How business school prepared Turner to start V+B
  • Advice to younger self
  • Their influences
  • Their 3 wishes

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