Ep. 18: Sworkit with Ben Young

I first learned about Ben and Greg after they appeared on Season 7 of Shark Tank. 

They are the co-founders of the company Nexercise and the health and fitness app Sworkit. 

The goal of Sworkit is to help reduce the friction people face when exercising. They found that other workout programs and apps were very rigid by either being too time consuming or limited in their exercise selection. They wanted to provide a solution. 

In this episode we talk about Ben's habits and mindset around exercise and nutrition, the origin story of Sworkit and what happened after they appeared on Shark Tank.

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Highlights from the Episode:

  • What happened after Shark Tank aired
  • History of Sworkit
  • Ben's background in health and fitness
  • The future of fitness technology
  • What exercise programs people are most attracted to
  • His daily non-negotiables
  • What Ben believes that other people think is insane
  • How he was able to cultivate a more positive mindset
  • How Ben consumes health and fitness information
  • Most worthwhile investment he's made in the past year
  • His 3 wishes

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